Cover Story: Fired Up

The gray market continues to be a hot topic in the dental industry. Mentor shares how dental manufacturers are fired up and firing back to protect their reputation, their dentist customers, and patients at large. By Courtney Farmer

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  • READ BLOGJoseph Skillin

    With a background in writing and public speaking, Joe Skillin specializes in motivational dynamics and high-impact marketing and communications. Owner of Skillin Marketing and founder of The Center for Motivation and Achievement in Washington, D.C., he has led motivational workshops for corporate clients and served as a consultant for Schick Technologies, Hiossen, Biolase and others. A keen dental industry strategist, Skillin shares motivational insights through his blog for Mentor and work with Aurora (, an Atlanta-based firm specializing in inspirational seminars and workshops.

  • READ BLOGJoe McGonigal

    Joe McGonigal is co-founder of SCC Partners, a coaching and consulting firm that helps sales professionals and organizations initiate new opportunities and sales growth. As a former sales manager, front line producer and sales leader for Patterson Dental, he brings unique perspective to Mentor. Armed with SCC Partners' full suite of resources, McGonigal uses his wealth of experience to help catapult dental sales representatives to the next level in their careers — and he does so by fostering an environment that encourages a commitment to growth and a willingness to face challenges.

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